Daily Log: Wednesday. June 16th, 2010

Wednesday. June 16th, 2010.

So, it turns out I am NOT done. Wonderful.

Adrian Mihai is mad.

My Professor Adrian Mihai is NOT happy with me because we have to re-edit my print piece. 😉

I have cut it down 1 min 40 and we are feeling that now, maybe, it doesn’t flow was well. This is so frustrating because I just really want to be done, but I also really want to produce a good product.

I am about 1/4 of the way through my print piece. I am going to finish that, hopefully by 1AM and then we will get back to making sure the video piece is done.

Today we had a run through meeting about how the LIVE web show will go. The producers (Myself, Sara Goldblatt, and Allison Fishman) all put the line-up on the board that we came up with, and then as a class we decided on the introductions, etc.

Here is what it looks like:

The Line-Up

I have to put this all into a word document and send it off to the class before morning.

I also have to write a lead-in to introduce my piece. So many things to do! It’s crazy!

Line-Up close-up.

As you can make out, my piece falls into the 7th slot for the night. I am following my classmate Leon Hung’s piece called “Parkour” and it is so good that I am nervous about following it. I mean, I feel very confident about mine, but Leon’s is just great!

I am happy because I will have Anthony Pisano, the man himself, in the studio for a Q & A, after my segment airs.

NOTE: All of you guys should tune in and see it and ask questions while all the segments air – there will be a LIVE Chat which I will be responding to throughout my segment and then any questions left over will be posed to Anthony himself. This is a unique opportunity that no viewer should miss out on!!

This will be the case for all the stories, so please, participate and tune in!!

Again, the LIVE webcast is tomorrow, Thursday, June 17th, at 8PM EST!! Here is the link again: livestream.com/ibeatreporting

Lets connect!!


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Daily Log: Tuesday. June 15th, 2010

Tuesday. June 15th, 2010

UPDATE!! There are only two days left for the final webcast for iBeat Reporting!

Lets see what I have so far:

Video (Check);

Slideshow (Check);

Thumbnail (Check);

Podcasts (Check);

Additional videos (Check);

Title (Check)

…….. All I am missing is the print piece (funny that this is not yet done, especially because I am a print student), which will then conclude all the components I need to finish my multi-media journalism piece on Anthony Pisano – the grandfather of the east village – for my iBeat Reporting class! It has been a long time coming – five long weeks of work, with the last two of which were mainly spent glued to a corner computer in Arthur L. Carter’s Institute for journalism at NYU. Most nights were long, some of which never ended and our dedicated Professor, Adrian Mihai spent those nights right by our sides, helping guide his students through the challenges of capturing film, editing sequences, and producing dynamic multi-media stories.

Please tune in on Thursday night, June 17th @ 8PM to watch my Anthony Pisano story and many other East Village focused pieces from my 14 other talented classmates!

Here is a teaser for my piece:

Anthony Pisano says: "It's Time on 7th"......

Then, here is a still taken right from my iPhone from Final cut express – it is the big “drama moment” in my video piece:

The drama: "Why do you do it?"

And yet another to whet you appetite for learning more about Pisano’s store front apartment:

102 E. 7th Street in b/w 1st Ave and Ave A.

For more on Pisano and other New York Characters tune in and watch!: http://livestream.com/ibeatreporting

And…Follow our class Facebook page! AND…our class website where you will see a great teaser for our show!!

It’s gonna big great and really worth your time! I’m telling you this, not only because I am one of the producers of the show, but because I am a very proud member of this team and am humbled by the talent and hard work that we have all put into the process.

See you all Thursday at 8PM!!

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Daily Log: Monday, June 14th, 2010.

Monday. June 14th, 2010

Do you all know what this means?!!

Hello All –

As the caption above begs…. Do you know what this picture means?!! It means I am done! I am FINALLY done! You are all looking at the end of my timeline in my finished video piece on Anthony Pisano – the Grandfather of the East Village – for my iBeat Reporting class in the editing program Final Cut Express!

I never thought I would see the light at the end of the tunnel, but suddenly last night at around 10:45pm, after a slew of sleepless nights spent with fellow classmates in Newsroom 655 at NYU’s Arthur L. Carter Institute for Journalism and our dedicated professor Adrian Mihai, I finally finished my piece.

Of course, knowing me, it is too long. At the moment it is running at 7 min 20, which is about a 1 min 20 over my taste. It will have to be cut down for the web, but cutting something out from a article/piece/video, is like “killing my baby” – this a common Newsroom term used to describe the pain journalists feel when they find themselves needing to scrap a story or edit something out of it because of time constraints.

This was the first stage of compiling my “script”:

Block 1, Block 2, Block 3....4.....5...... It just goes on!

The class is hard at work and we have a few stragglers from the night before:

Please! All tune into the webcast on Thursday, June 17th, 2010! Here is the link again:


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Daily Log: Wednesday. June 9th, 2010.

Wednesday. June 9th, 2010.

Capturing film and Final Cut Express

I have officially entered the second phase of this iBeat project: Capturing/Ingesting film.

I hate this process. I officially do. I have five hours of footage spread out over five tapes. It has taken me roughly eight hours to capture two hours of film. Is this normal? Is there something wrong with me? I need to start editing this Anthony Pisano story and my professor Adrian Mihai can’t help me until I have something more concrete: i.e. until I have ingested/ captured all of my footage.

Canon ZR 800 camera

I am using this camera as my deck to ingest my film.

Clip captured in Final Pro.

This is one of the shots from my B-Roll. I just captured it in Final cut pro. It is from a photograph Anthony Pisano has in his home.

It is officially 8:42 pm here at 20 Cooper Square at the NYU Journalism Institute. I have been here since 4pm. I will probably be here until midnight; now start the long hours.

Wish me luck!

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Daily Log: Wednesday. June 2nd, 2010.

Wednesday. June 2nd, 2010.

Summer heat. Pic taken with my Hipstamatic camera on my iPhone

Summer heat 2. Pic taken with my Hipstamatic camera on my iPhone

I know it has been a while since I updated the daily log. It has been crazy and the heat I think is making blog lazy.

A lot of my B-Roll footage turned out to be extremely unsteady as it turns out. I was really disappointed because I spent so much time filming and it seems like I will have to go back to get some more of the house details. Oh well. It was my first time filming, though, so I can’t be too hard on myself.

I have been spending a great deal of time with Anthony Pisano – interviewing him; filming in his home. He has given me great access, which I so appreciate because it makes my job as the reporter that much easier.

However, I am trying hard to get an interview with Anthony Pisano Jr. (Pisano’s son) but Jr. has not wanted to meet with me. His father said something about him not feeling comfortable with the situation. I don’t know why he would, seeing as he has never met me, but sometimes people hear “reporter” or “journalist” and they freak out, or get on the defensive. But not all journalists have bad intentions. I just want to tell Anthony’s story.

All I do know is that if Anthony Jr. meets me and sees the person who has been spending all this time with his father, he will know I have no bad intentions and hopefully he will share some thoughts with me about his father.

Will keep you guys posted.

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BP, Michael M. Koehler, and a Shrimp Fisherman Named Ricky.

UPDATE: BP oil spill gets closer to home.

A view from above: Oil-infested waters surrounding the Barrier Islands in Louisiana. Photograph courtesy of Michael M. Koehler.

Today I ran into Michael M. Koehler, while reporting in the field on my Anthony Pisano story in the East Village. I became friends with Koehler – a professional photographer and NYU Tisch Alum – after I wrote an artist profile about him in 2009. Since then, I have collaborated sporadically with Koehler. I did a photo project on him in Spring 2010 which I posted here the other day.

Koehler has just come back from Louisiana, where he was photographing the increasing devastation of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and its nearby coasts. Today, CNN covered a press conference where Admiral Thad Allen – who is heading Obama’s relief efforts – answered questions about the Government’s approach to the problem.

On top of the environmental damages that the oil spill is inflicting on the Gulf, a secondary effect is increasing job loss of Louisiana’s Shrimp fishermen who have not been able to do their job. (Think Forest Gump, but much worst, because the boats aren’t ruined – the catch is.)

While BP has hired some of these out-of-work fishermen to join clean-up efforts, they have not been given the necessary safety equipment to carry on the tasks at hand. The combined toxicity of the oil and the chemical dispersants (which are illegal in many countries and have been banned in the U.K.) that BP is using to break-down that oil, has caused the company to recall several clean-up boats due to their crews suffering health problems. (The New York Times covered that specific story here.)

Koehler has many contacts who he has documented in and around NOLA, one of which is Ricky Robin, a seventh generation shrimper in Bernard Parish, LA. Robin and his boat are now working for BP to help boom the waters of the Barrier Islands.

Continue reading

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Final Web Cast: June 17th! 8:00pm

Want a new grandfather? Live in the East Village? If so, you’re in luck. Anthony Pisano has lived on his E. 7th Street store front home for the past 32 years. Even though his window is filled with odd ecclectic nick-nacks, nothing is for sale. But, Pisano insists – “Satisfy your curiosity,”  – go inside. Take his advice and stay tuned! To learn more about his story: the final webcast goes live, June 17th at 8:00pm at: http://www.livestream.com/ibeatreporting

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