Take Back NYU! Takes a More Passive Approach to Manifestation

A student group, Take Back NYU! tries for a more passive approach to last week’s events, (as advised to them by legal council), in a press conference held tonight in Washington Square Park. They still maintain that the occupation was a success. This student group, took over a NYU building four days ago for 40 hours, in an effort to pressure. NYU for a more transparent administration. The group vows to continue on in their efforts, despite the treats of suspension on behalf of the school.

Compared to last weeks events, Washington Square Park looked nearly vacant save for a few passing students who craned their necks in the brisk cold to gaze upon the gathering crowd outside of NYU’s Kimmel building on LaGuardia Place and Washington Square South. NYU had already taken preventative measures: security officers lined the street in front of the NYU library and the Kimmel center, guarding the fences put in place to prevent any unsolicited entry.

Take Back NYU! member, NYU student, and main speaker at the press release, Duncan Meisel, still maintains that while 18 students were unjustly suspended, “at large, the occupation has been a success.” Meisel insists that, “Take Back NYU! is still committed to an ongoing dialogue…and  [we] wish to move forward in negotiations with the school.”

After each representative spoke, the crowd rumbled into a supportive cheer, especially when CAS Faculty member Andrew Ross, advocated for the group’s actions. During the press conference, her maintained that he was there, “to salute the boldness and forcefulness,” of the students who, “have not been silent.”


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