My NYTimes Tag Line!!

By Andrea F. Pagliai

NEW YORK–Last Wednesday afternoon, I assisted The New York Times in reporting on the recent breaking news sports story regarding Olympic silver medalist in cycling, Davide Rebellin. The Italian cyclist was found positive for doping in his silver Olympic medal race, last summer in Beijing. I researched and translated various articles from a broad spectrum of the Italian giornales and sports gazettes. Some of those translated quotes where used in the article.

To my pleasant surprise, I received a reporting tagline/ contrib line in the article, “Olympians Caught Doping are Named,” which appeared in the print version of the NYTimes on April 30, 2009 in page B15 of the New York edition.

Click on the link provided above. Scroll to the bottom. It’s not my usual byline, but it’s “Andrea Pagliai” all the same!



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2 responses to “My NYTimes Tag Line!!

  1. Good for you! Congratulations! I think I may have read your article. I do get the Times and remember this news.

  2. Andrea Fiona Pagliai Londoño

    Thank you!


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