Daily Log: Tuesday. May 18th, 2010.

Tuesday. May 18th, 2010.

Today in class I pitched my story.

Class time. Researching before pitching. (Photo from iBeat FB page.)

Everybody seemed to like it and they believed a “day in the life” of Anthony Pisano was the best way to go with the story.

Class pitching and discussing stories. (Photo from iBeat FB page)

They also felt that I should focus on the contrast between Anthony and other 80 year olds living in the city. I think my pitch today was better than the one I made to Adrian last night because I had so much more information from my interview with him this afternoon. I learned that Anthony was a single parent raising 2 children when he was 50 years old. He has a daughter, Antoinette – who has two children and is also a single mother – and a son named Anthony, who is working to become a Navy Seal. I also learned that Anthony had a Goldilocks incident when two young girls (20-23) found their way into his home. He thinks it is because of drugs. Anthony doesn’t drink or do drugs. He just likes his sparkling water. Pellegrino is his choice brand. He has a whole rack, which he made himself, where he stores all of the Italian bottles.

Today my favorite quote from him was: “I have two loves: God and women and not necessarily in that order.” He is such a character.


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