iBeat Reporting: Anthony Pisano

All About Anthony Pisano – The Grandfather of the East Village.

It’s TIME on 7th.

Anthony Pisano, a jazz singer and musician, had this sign made and put it in the window of his store-front home. The sign shows Pisano, playing a trumpet. “It’s Time on 7th,” is an ode to his E. 7th Street location, where he has been living for the past 32 years.

From May 17th to June 17th, I am enrolled in Adrian Mihai’s iBeat Reporting course at NYU’s Arthur L. Carter Institute’s Summer session. Through the course of the semester, everyone in the class is charged with producing a well-reported, well-shot, well-edited, and well-produced Broadcast story that should run from 3-5 minutes long. This will be a challenge, since I come from a Print background, but since Print is “dying” I thought it was worth-while to learn how to pick up and use a film camera.

I have chosen to do a piece on Anthony Pisano, who is this wonderful man living in the East Village. The story is about his life-long interaction with his neighbors and the people who stroll down his block.

Follow the month-long story here and if you know Anthony, or have encountered him before, leave comments, and tell me your personal story. It might just be included in the final piece!

-Andrea F. Pagliai



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2 responses to “iBeat Reporting: Anthony Pisano

  1. Guy who knows

    You want a real story? Ask the locals about Tony. He’s not the harmless local character you think he is.

    • Hi.. thank you for commenting. I am always looking to get different sides of a story. If there is something you think I should know about, would you feel comfortable meeting me to talk about it? I have interviewed a number of his neighbors and the locals and never got this side of the story, so I would be really interested in hearing what you have to say.

      Contact me directly at: andreafpagliai@gmail.com

      Look forward to hearing from you.



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