Production Schedule

I thought I would show you guys my production schedule that I came up with at the beginning of my filming process. It will be interesting to see in the long-run if I stay on track, speed up, lagg behind… We will see.

This is the production schedule I turned in to Adrian Mihai, my Professor in my iBeat Reporting class.

Andrea F. Pagliai

Where I will be filming: Anthony Pisano's House.

iBeat Reporting

Production Schedule

Anthony Pisano – Grandfather of the East Village

Day 1 of shooting: Sunday, May 23rd, 2010. (Week One)

Plan: Shoot B-Roll of Anthony’s house, the front of his house, and the people he interacts with on the street. See if I can get any side interviews of the people that visit Anthony’s house. Try to get Anthony on camera as much as I can. I will need to take the time to really light everything correctly as it will be my first time shooting.

Monday, May 24th, 2010 (Week Two)

Plan: Start my Anthony Pisano blog and attach it to my current blog at

Devon Petley helped me come up with the the future layout of my blog when I incorporate all the iBeat Reporting material. I hope this works. Of course it is a rough sketch.

Here I will start posting pictures and my updates as this story progresses. Add quotes from Anthony and try to get the neighborhood involved. LAUNCH BY END OF THE DAY; Send to Adrian.

In Class: Decide what is missing from the dailies shown in class today. Whatever Adrian and the class feels is missing, should be scheduled to shoot later on in the week.

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010 (Week Two)

Plan: Check out all the necessary equipment from the cage: DX2100 camera, tripod, tota light, head set, lavalier mic, omni-directional mic, shot-gun mic.

Day 2 of shooting: Wednesday, May 26th, 2010. (Week Two)

Plan: Go to Anthony’s house at 2pm and set up the long form on camera interview. This will take place inside his house. Keep asking Anthony about getting an interview with his son and daughter. The daughter, Antoinette is currently in upstate NY, so she might have to be a phone interview, which in that case, will take place at the NYU studio. (TBA); This could serve as the radio aspect of the project. Find out when this could happen.

[Try to get the interview with Anthony’s son. He has been hesitant, but if I can talk to him, I am sure I can convince him to be part of the story. Try to get his interview, it would be very important.]

In Class: Go over the dailies of the interview shot today of Anthony Pisano. Based on the reactions of the class and Adrian, decide if there is anything missing and what suggestions there are for the re-shoot.

Day 3 of shooting: Thursday, May 27th, 2010. (Week Two)

Plan. Go to Anthony’s house and shoot stills with my Canon 5D. These will be for the slide-show aspect of the project and will be used to update on the blog.

Day 4 of Shooting: Friday, May 28th, 2010. (Week Two)

Plan. Shoot whatever was missing in B-Roll and Interviews. Shoot my interview with Matt Lindemulder, the Porchetta owner, who is friends with Pisano and works on his block.

Day 5 of Shooting: Saturday, May 29th – Sunday, May 30th, 2010. (Week Two)

[This day is only if necessary]

Plan: Shoot everything that is missing.  Shoot the Matt Lindemulder interview if I haven’t don’t it already.


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