Photo Story: Astor Place Mud Truck

The Mud Truck in Astor Place. The photo story is pretty self-explanatory, but the assignment was to practice showing overview, medium, and close-up shots. Closers and portraits where also included.

Astor Place

Mud Truck: Coffee Provider.

Patrons of the Mud Truck

More Patrons.

Peter Rynsky mans his post at the Mud Truck order window.

This dog and its owner like to hand around the Mud Truck.

Gabriel Wurzel laughs at the barking dog as he gazes down from the Mud Truck window.

From the entrance of the Astor Place subway.

Peter Rynsky pours coffee.

Cups and cash.

Expresso machine. Got to love stainless steel.

Peter Rynsky brews a new pot of coffee about every 10 minutes.

A great frothy cup of Mud Coffee.

Come again next time.


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