Daily Log: Wednesday. June 16th, 2010

Wednesday. June 16th, 2010.

So, it turns out I am NOT done. Wonderful.

Adrian Mihai is mad.

My Professor Adrian Mihai is NOT happy with me because we have to re-edit my print piece. 😉

I have cut it down 1 min 40 and we are feeling that now, maybe, it doesn’t flow was well. This is so frustrating because I just really want to be done, but I also really want to produce a good product.

I am about 1/4 of the way through my print piece. I am going to finish that, hopefully by 1AM and then we will get back to making sure the video piece is done.

Today we had a run through meeting about how the LIVE web show will go. The producers (Myself, Sara Goldblatt, and Allison Fishman) all put the line-up on the board that we came up with, and then as a class we decided on the introductions, etc.

Here is what it looks like:

The Line-Up

I have to put this all into a word document and send it off to the class before morning.

I also have to write a lead-in to introduce my piece. So many things to do! It’s crazy!

Line-Up close-up.

As you can make out, my piece falls into the 7th slot for the night. I am following my classmate Leon Hung’s piece called “Parkour” and it is so good that I am nervous about following it. I mean, I feel very confident about mine, but Leon’s is just great!

I am happy because I will have Anthony Pisano, the man himself, in the studio for a Q & A, after my segment airs.

NOTE: All of you guys should tune in and see it and ask questions while all the segments air – there will be a LIVE Chat which I will be responding to throughout my segment and then any questions left over will be posed to Anthony himself. This is a unique opportunity that no viewer should miss out on!!

This will be the case for all the stories, so please, participate and tune in!!

Again, the LIVE webcast is tomorrow, Thursday, June 17th, at 8PM EST!! Here is the link again: livestream.com/ibeatreporting

Lets connect!!


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