About Moi

I was born in Los Angeles and raised by a Colombian mother and an Italian father who was born and raised in Mexico City. I grew up speaking Spanish as my first language and learned English when I eventually had to get into pre-school. I enjoy languages and now speak about 5 fluently, among which are: Spanish and English (obviously) French, Italian, and my newest one, Portuguese.

I am about to graduate from NYU with Honors in Journalism and Comparative Literature this May. I am starting a travel show/ company called Indefinite Transit, which is for locals and travelers alike, looking for what is cool, new, and unusual to do. We address themes like: food, art, culture, adventure, and a twist of fashion, for people with champagne taste on a beer budget, with me as the host. We launch on May 18th, 2011. Visit the site at http://www.IndefiniteTransit.com and follow us @IndefTransit.

I love to photograph great street style and architecture, which brings me to my next passion—the camera lens. Don’t get me wrong, I love to be in front of the camera, but where I really shine, is behind it. I have been a classically trained B&W photographer for the past six years of my life. I work both in analogue and digital, but have a particular fascination with the darkroom. I hope to also include some of my work, here on this blog, when appropriate.

Lastly, I am always in need of an adventure — I love sharing, writing, photographing my experiences.


– Let’s see how we may work together:




3 responses to “About Moi

  1. Cindy

    Love it… especially the line “I like to call it being curious.” Great job, Andrea, as with all things you do. I wish you the best in the future. I know great things will come your way. -Cindy

  2. Andrea Fiona Pagliai Londoño

    Thanks Cindy! I wanted to have fun with it– You’ve really inspired me– I want you to know that. Thank you for everything.

    If there is anything you think I can do to improve my blog, let me know!

    Fue un placer,


  3. billigerent

    this is hilarious. i love your sense of humor and that you pulled off that video so seriously. no one could ever say that and mean it but you were totally convincing about it. so well done, can’t wait to read and see more in your hilarious blog! xoxo

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