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Photo Story: Astor Place Mud Truck

The Mud Truck in Astor Place. The photo story is pretty self-explanatory, but the assignment was to practice showing overview, medium, and close-up shots. Closers and portraits where also included.

Astor Place

Mud Truck: Coffee Provider.

Patrons of the Mud Truck

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Photo Story: Michael M. Koehler Gets In Front of the Lens.

This past semester at the Arthur L. Carter Institute for Journalism at NYU I took a photojournalism class, which really pushed me as a photographer. My professor, David Handschuh, taught me to approach photography in a different manner than what I had been doing already. For the past nine years I had become accustomed to shooting strictly in Black & White film, with my focus resting on “art” photography, whatever that maybe. Photojournalism is a horse of a different color and in pushing me to see things differently – and in digital color – it has really expanded my mind’s eye as a photographer and a journalist.

I did a couple of photo stories, which I will post here. The first story is an environmental portrait on professional photographer Michael M. Koehler. Koehler, who I have also profiled in the past, is predominantly a classical Black & White photographer. But don’t let the word “classical” throw you – Koehler has a wonderful way of seeing the visual landscape of the world and does so in a manner that is both nostalgic and new.

Here are the images. I shot them all with my Canon 5D on location at Koehler’s East Village apartment, which also doubles as his photography studio. Enjoy.

Michael M. Koehler with his Leica 35mm film camera.

Koehler in his home/studio's darkroom. Koehler looking at his plethura of negatives, choosing an ideal frame.

Koehler sits outside on a small bench outside of his apartment. Koehler's impressive line-up of cameras.

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